We at Monarch Wedding Planning have a strong management background and offer specialized and custom planning services. You can be confident we are well equipped and have the experience to oversee and manage even the smallest details of your wedding.  We pride ourselves on logistically creating a plan and then coordinating all aspects of a wedding day.  We recommend only the most professional vendors to our couples and can make tough calls under pressure if needed.

If your life is too busy and you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated let us help.  Whether you need us to plan an amazing day with only limited guidance from you or you want to DIY your day with our assistance to make it all happen seamlessly we are there for you. Our goal is to allow our couples to relax and enjoy their wedding day and focus on making memories of all the important moments and people in their day.

We promise we will listen to you and see your wedding day vision. We will work alongside you to help create a very special signature experience.

As our name says Monarch Wedding Planning only plans and coordinates weddings which makes us different from other event planners.  This specialty allows us to stand out as the experts in our field and provide you the professional service you need.
If you are ready to give yourself a break and put your mind at ease then team up with us, use the ‘contact us’ form or email us NOW.  Let’s start planning!!!

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