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Calming, but she is on-it!
So we talked with and or met a few coordinator/planners before deciding on Alison. Her personality was much more calm than some of the others without being over the top and overwhelming. We didn’t feel exhausted after talking with her which was a true delight! (This happened after a few in person meets calls with others!) Although Alison is calm she is still excited, interested, and on-it. Who needs more stress while planning a wedding, not us! So glad we found Alison and clicked!

Even for a rather small wedding we unfortunately had to change venues. I felt as if I had searched and searched for a replacement that fit us and a date we were good with and nearly gave up and started looking back in our home town although Paso is our home away from home. A few days after our call on the subject of almost giving up, Alison came through after taking with her contacts with a HUGE list of possibilities and a little bit of insight on each one so we could narrow the pool. While on the phone I fell in love with our new venue and soon after we were back to planning our day!

It was refreshing while working with Alison to plan our day we didn’t have to send multiple follow up emails or wait for several days for a response with Alison, she was very prompt.

We had several check in calls leading up to the day, more frequent as we got closer. She had great reminders, little ideas, or to-do’s we hadn’t thought of yet and pointed out what our next priorities should be. No call or to do list that came from it was ever to overwhelming because we took it on bit by bit together. As we got closer to the big day, in addition to the timeline after she reviewed contracts she confirmed the game plan with us and then with the vendors making sure we were all on the same page. She was my backup checklist for sure. It was reassuring to have her checking on what we had planned.

We wanted someone to pull our months of planning and ideas together help us confirm/refine then and execute, she did just that! The day before the wedding we did an inventory of all we had brought and where it was going. She didn’t just want to see the box and figure it out later we looked at each item and she took notes, I was a bit surprised but very pleased. The day came, we honestly had very few questions the day of from any vendors, I suppose that goes to the planning and Alison being there taking charge. Would definitely recommend her to a friend or fellow bride!

Courtney Miller – Central Valley

Professional and organized
Allison is an excellent wedding planner very caring and responsive most importantly she listens to understand the unique needs and wants of her clients. Allison was very adaptable to our ever-changing vision due to the Covid restrictions she was honest every step of the way and insured we were getting the very best in our ever-changing vendors. Her timeline was impeccable And went far to relieve our stress of the day. We would highly recommend Allison to anybody getting married

Michelle Kenny – Nipomo

Phenomenal Experience
Alison is the absolute best! She goes above and beyond what her duties entailed, met with us as many times as we needed to make our event happen without any extra charge, and called/facetimed us as many times as needed to make us feel comfortable with our wedding plans. Due to covid, our wedding kept changing, and she took all the changes with stride, was able to execute a safe, socially distant intimate wedding beautifully and made us feel so at ease with all our changes and ever evolving plans. Seriously, couldn’t have asked for anyone better- she is the best!

Paulina Garan – Burbank

Excellent Coordinator
Alison is very thorough and helpful. She sees things the way the client does and figures out the logistics. She asks good questions like: What do you want this to look like. etc.

Brigitte Faulkner – Paso Robles

Best wedding planner of the year!
Alison is simply the best, top quality, very professional, and always responds to questions. My daughters day went perfect and Alison kept everything going at a great pace. Alison was on time or early to each meeting and gave great advice to help throughout the planning stage. I highly recommend Alison for any wedding, she was a pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth H

Alison was truly amazing! I loved working with her and she did such an amazing job keeping me sane and organized throughout the wedding process. And then the day of, I kept feeling like I didn’t see her, but it’s because she was running around handling everything and making sure everything went so smooth, and it did. I didn’t have a single worry on my wedding day because of her! She’s amazing!

Amy – Morgan Hill, CA

I don’t know how we would’ve pulled this off without Alison. From the moment we hired her all the chaos seemed to vanish and our wedding became a well oiled machine. She coordinated with all of our vendors and took care of all the little details. We plan a lot of events and thought we could go it alone but having Alison allowed us to enjoy our wedding as guests instead of feeling like we had a million tasks to do.
As if that wasn’t enough Alison went the extra mile for us time and again. Friday night at the rehearsal dinner when Alison wasn’t even on the clock yet we realized we were missing some a/v cables. Without hesitation she was on her way to Best Buy to save the day. We also wanted to surprise our guests with in n out burger after the wedding the logistics of which proved very difficult. Alison navigated the entire process for us taking yet another stress off of our plate.

Thank you Alison for helping to make our wedding amazing!

Benjamin – Denver, Co

Alison did an INCREDIBLE job coordinating our wedding. She was so on top of everything, she made sure I had everything planned out well in advance of our date. Even though we only did the day of/month before service, as soon as we booked her she made sure we were on track with our different vendors, and even met some vendors on her own for us since we live several hours away from our venue. The day of the ceremony, she made sure everything went off flawlessly! Couldn’t have been happier with Alison, couldn’t recommend her more 🙂

Sydney Gordon – Mountain View, WA

I am a wedding professional myself and I just had to share the professional experience we had with Alison, Monarch Wedding Planning. We work with many wedding planners but the communication and experience was the BEST!
Our bride felt comfortable and in capable hands thru her wedding planning process because of Alison’s attention to details.
We would highly recommend Monarch Wedding Panning to our couples and couples who want a worry free wedding day!
Bravo to Alison…she lives up to her name and treats all her couples like Royalty!
Many many thanks,
Nancy Stein
Stein’s BBQ & Catering

Alison was amazing!!! She helped our vision come to life in such a short amount of time. We hired her as the “month of” coordinator and she was more than that. She reviewed all of our vendor contracts, met with us months before the wedding, had phone chats whenever we needed and was always on call when I would message her. I showed up with everything I had for the wedding and she made sure there was a place for it. Everything was organized and went so smooth on wedding day. She made sure everything and everyone was on track and we had just what we needed. Alison has such a sweet and calm personality that it really helped me as the bride stay focused and know that I was in good hands. Alison was a dream and I would hands down recommend her and her services. Thank you Alison for all that you did to make our dream wedding come to life.

Nicole Sanchez – Valencia, CA

Alison was so beyond amazing! My wedding went on without any hiccups (at least that’s how I felt). I know behind the scenes it was hectic and things didn’t go 100% according plan, as nothing ever does, but I never felt that. Alison was prepared, sending out timelines and communicating with all the vendors. I like to be in control and it is extremely hard for me to hand that over to someone else. However, I also didn’t want to feel any stress on my wedding day and simply just wanted to enjoy it and I did! I trusted Alison completely to do manage everything and she did such a perfect job! Could not recommend her more as a wedding planner!

Shelby Hunter – San Luis Obispo

Finding Alison was the very first thing we did for our wedding, and let me tell you, it was the best decision we could have made. Planing a wedding is hard, there are A LOT of details to keep track of…. especially during the actual day of. You want to be relaxed and present on your big day. Alison was there to make sure everything ran smoothly, and it did. How many people can say that their wedding went smoothly? With no snags and everything on time? Ours did. She was there to coordinate with the vendors, create a timeline, think of details that we would have never thought of. She’s planned many weddings, trust me, there are things that only experience can bring. During the night of we were able to relax and socialize with guests, and when it came time for a bouquet toss, or first dance…. she was there to tell us where to go. If you are getting married, go with a planner….. and go with Monarch. Five stars!

Todd Andrew – Paso Robles, CA

Recently my daughter had her amazing wedding at a winery in Paso Robles. My daughter and my wife and I met and retained Alison from Monarch Wedding Planning to help organize and plan my daughter’s special day. Immediately we all felt confident that Alison would do a great job. Even though Alison was supposed to provide only the Day of Coordination Service she did so much more. She was so organized and worked with my daughter for several months before the day, preparing ‘to do’ lists, timelines and keeping open and ongoing communication with all the vendors. When the wedding day finally arrived Alison was excellent and on tas, she made sure everything was set up correctly at the winery including the flowers, seating chart and table settings. The bouquets were delivered to the bride at the right time and the guests had what they needed. The wedding was a lovely memorable day for all of us and I would definitely recommend the planning services of Monarch Wedding Planning. Everyone had a great time and it could not have been a more perfect day!

Stephen Bova – Long Beach, CA

She went above and beyond what we had anticipated. Amazing coordinator!

Lisa – Campbell, CA

Alison was great! I hired her for day of coordination but she went above and beyond, meeting with me multiple times and providing multiple timelines and to do lists since I hired here. I was hesitant to hire a coordinator because I thought I could do it all, I’m more than happy to have hired Alison! My day would have not been as smooth without her guidance and support along the way. The first thing my husband said when we were discussing our big day the morning after was, “I’m glad we hired Allison!” Thank you Alison, you were awesome to work with!

Maria Torres – Paso Robles, CA

ALISON is the best. She was one of the reasons my daughter’s wedding went so smoothly.. making sure people were where they needed to be when they needed to be there and keeping all the vendors in pace with each other. I didn’t have to think about or worry about anything, because Alison took care of it AND me. Mother’s of the brides heads are up in the clouds, too. So many people commented about it being the best wedding they’ve ever been to, and ofcourse, I couldn’t agree more. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALISON FOR ALL YOU DID FOR US!!!!!!

Jean Bacon McDonald – Templeton, CA

Originally, I thought I would not need a “day of” wedding coordinator, but I am so glad I hired Alison. I was pretty overwhelmed with the wedding planning that a timeline for the wedding day was the last thing on my mind. I had no idea how I was going to plan everything for the day and get all the vendors on the same page, so everything would run smoothly.With Alison, all I had to do is tell her my vision for the day and she made it happen. I told her what I wanted to happen that day and when I wanted it to happen and she handled everything else. She did so well that even my DJ complemented her for her attention to detail.In the end, Alison is the reason my day went so well. Even after my wedding flowers burned in my venue fridge, Alison was there to help my aunts fix my flower arrangements in just a 3 hour time frame! I would recommend her over and over again! Thank you Alison for all of your hard work on my special day!

Candace Munoz – Bakersfield, CA

I just got married after a year of planning my wedding turned out amazing!! Of course this could not have happened if it was not for the vendors I worked with to make our day magical. Alison was very supportive and had many great ideas for our wedding. I recommend hiring Alison for the whole duration of the wedding, not just the day of as trust me there are so many details that she helped me figure out throughout the process. Both my husband and I run our own business, so it would have been impossible to remember everything. I needed someone that stayed on top of things and reminded us of things when they were due. I also needed someone to stay on top of my husband as he was not always on top of things, and Alison was perfect for that as well ;-). Reach out to me or this review if you have questions and thank you Alison for helping Tom and I make our day magical!!!

Sally Lopez- Santa Maria, CA

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