Wedding Color trends for 2015



 Wedding Colors 2015

Summertime means peak wedding season for two reasons. Between the weather being more ideal and people’s schedules being a little bit more flexible, many people get married in the summer… especially those who choose to have destination wedding. Summer is the season of romance. Many people get engaged in the summer months, which gives them one full year to plan their wedding.

If you just began the wedding planning process, one of the first things you should be thinking about is the color palette that will define and paint your day in a delightful way

Whether you choose to include the 2015 wedding trends in your wedding décor or in what you wear here are some ideas.


This soft and feminine color is not only a good choice for wedding gowns, it is also a versatile choice that compliments decor.  Blush flower options include Orchids, roses and Lilies.

Champagne Gold

Nothing says class like a glass of champagne or a wedding that exudes its qualities. Consider a golden, ruffled table runner at the reception, or a glistening, champagne colored cake for dessert. Champagne is a good accent to many other color choices, but it pairs especially well with the first color we talked about: blush.

Dusty Blue

A popular favorite, dusty blue is soft, subtle, romantic and ethereal color. Not only can it be used as a celestail-blue-and-pink-spring-summer-wedding-color-combo-for-2015stunning bridal sash for any gown, but is also the perfect choice for anyone looking to do a DIYor rustic wedding. Dusty blue flower options include: eucalyptus, succulents, hydrangeas, light lavender.


Delightfully sophisticated, peach is a modern and memorable color choice. From shoes and makeup, to accessories and flowers, peach adds a welcoming and calming glow to any wedding.  Peach flower options include: ranunculus, gerbera daisies, roses, carnations and orchids.



Mint became a hot wedding color in 2013, and it continues its reign as a top choice for 2015. As a light and refreshing color, mint works well for spring, summer and winter weddings. Mint flower options include: kiss of mint dahlias, Anastasia spiders, mini cymidiums, sea foam white orchids and green kiss alba roses. Go Bold with Iris and Orchid

Make a statement by adding deep contrasting colors like iris and orchid to your wedding color palette. Fit for royalty, iris and orchid pair well with orange, yellow, grey, black and champagne.

Whatever color you choose enjoy it!

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