The perfect wedding ring


As a new year starts we see changes in what becomes popular to dazzle on bride’s fingers

Colored stones were a big trend in 2016, and they’ll continue to be very popular next year too…but with a twist. Instead of a single colored stone, 2017 will bring gemstone accents. Think an emerald and diamond duo or a pink diamond halo.

Stacked rings have been popular among brides for the last few years. Come 2017, brides everywhere will be saying “I do” to stacks. Don’t be surprised if your Instagram and Pinterest feeds are filled with digits adorned with pairs, trios and quadruples of blingy bands. After all, who doesn’t want a little extra sparkle on their ring finger?

 We love the romantic notion of a twisted band — forever intertwined like your love. Symbolic and stunning, this on-trend design represents two   lives coming together and becoming one.

Opals are a dreamy alternative to a diamond. This stunning stone has a  rather mystical quality, which can be attributed to its “play of color”

There’s something so utterly romantic about a gorgeous red ruby. Not surprisingly, they are considered the ultimate symbol of passionate love and known as the “gem of the heart.” Those with a vintage sensibility will treasure an antiquering, while modern brides can opt for a newly made design.

Whatever you choose make it personal and meaningful as a symbol of your special day and your forever love.

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