Can you relax after the big day?

Congrats, you’re married! And while we’re sure your wedding was totally unique, the morning thafter mindset is one shared by many a bride. From feelingso beat you can barely move to never wanting to return to real life, here’s what your brain looks like post-wedding.

  1. ” I’m so exhausted.”
    Nowadays, it’s not only the rehearsal dinner and wedding brides have to power through. It’s an entire weekend packed full of activities, including the after party and morning after brunch. Pile months of meetings, bachelorette parties and bridal showers on top of that, and you’ve got one worn out, needs a vacation bride.
  2. “Wow…that did go by fast.”
    Everyone warns you how fast your big day will fly by, but until you’ve actually been there yourself, you never realize just how right they really were. Try and slow your day by hiring the services of a Wedding Planner so their are fewer details you need to take care of.
  3. “I can’t believe I’m married!”
    You’ve been planning and prepping and waiting in anticipation for this moment for so long that when it’s finally over and done with it’s hard to believe you’re a married woman.
  4. “Do I have to wear real clothes today?
    As awesome as all this wedding stuff is and as much as you love your family and friends, the thought of having to get dolled up for yet another celebration (AKA the brunch) or really, even a walk downstairs to the hotel lobby, is, well…painful.
  5. “Where’s the food?”
    You really should have eaten more of that wedding food you shelled out a pretty penny for because now you’re absolutely starving and hungover and you have a horrible headache and you’re craving an entire buffet of greasy comfort food.
  6. “When Is it too soon to change my Facebook status?”
    Obviously a wedding isn’t official until that Facebook statusreflects your new status. But how soon is too soon to update? Should you seem like you’re so busy basking in your married life you just don’t have time for it or go ahead and jump the gun and do it the morning of?
  7. “I can’t wait to see the pictures! I wonder when they’ll be ready…”
    In addition to the footage from your videographer, you literally can’t wait to get your hands on those wedding photos so you can relive the happiest day of your life all over again.
  8. “I don’t want to go back to real life.”
    For some brides, the fun doesn’t stop the day after the wedding. You’ve got the honeymoon to look forward to. For others though, it’s a quick mini-moon (you’ll go on your honeymoon in six months) then back to work.

By  knowing how most brides feel after the celebrating is over, maybe you can avoid feeling like this by being prepared so you can finally relax.


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